Company Name
Head Office
Shinjuku Nomura Building 15F
TEL:+81-3-5909-7525(Direct) FAX:+81-3-5909-7569
Date of Establishment
July 1, 2005
Board Members
Takashi Uemura
Executive Director
Takashi Ejiri
Executive Director
Atsushi Matsumura
Executive Director
Satoru Iino
Executive Director
Hiroshi Takeda
Executive Director
Atsuhiko Watanabe
Representative Corporate Officer
Takeshi Matsumoto
Yoshihiro Murakami


ALBERT, Inc. was founded in July, 2005 as a data-driven, analytical data solutions firm. The company's core competencies draw on eight different specialties: Marketing research, multivariate statistics, data mining,analytical text and image analysis, Big Data processing, solutions development, platform building, and engineering optimization modeling.These eight solutions utilize ALBERT's proprietary algorithms and methods which have been proven in the business field as a competitive advantage.


"smarticA!" is a manifestation of the words Smart, Statistics, Analytics, Casual, and Albert. It means that, "at Albert, we provide solutions that optimize relationships between organizations and their clients." We accomplish this goal by utilizing statistics and data analytics in a sophisticated process. Put simply, "we provide a one stop service which includes addressing client issues, suggesting specific measures for each contact point, implementing those measures, and providing feedback to effect analysis.

smarticA! Data Mining Engine

Data mining software handling big data
Anyone can easily extract good customers and cluster them by data input. In addition, with the cloud type engine that calculates a temporal sequence, it can link up with smarticA! Campaign Management.

smarticA! Campaign Management

Provide solutions that are truly needed in marketing scenarios.
It is a pure domestic cloud-type campaign management system which performs One to One marketing at every contact point by analyzing big data accumulated within the firm and controlling it comprehensively.

Multi channel One to One solution

Provide the user with timely, appropriate data.
Instead of mass emails, this solution classifies users and provides each with fascinating information in a timely manner.

Provide each user best suited information by one's inquiry data.
When receiving an inquiry or orders at a contact center, the solution introduces best suited products for customers, and helps to increase sales.

Approach customers through optimized print media
The solution maximizes print personalization in direct mail, flyers, and catalogs, thereby optimizing results.

Web site optimization

Contents display corresponding to viewers needs
The solution provides best suited contents to users who clicked the LPO which optimizes landing page, search engine, or banner.

Optimize creative design
The solution automatically displays the most convertible creative on a landing page by using automated optimization technology of design.

Optimize contents for each user
The solution increases conversion by displaying different content for each user with the information based on their action history and domain from their previously viewed pages.

Introducing recommendation engine by analyzing log data easily and in reasonable price

This service allows electrical commerce websites to show "Recommended Products" on each product page just like recommendation of Amazon automatically, by analyzing consumer behavior on each product.

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